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It’s always teatime!

Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all about how you make it!

Luxury Baked Crumpets £2.75

Anyone puzzled by the origins of the appreciative term “nice bit of crumpet” has clearly never had our crumpets. Well toasted, and once decently adorned, these fluffy yeasted tea cakes are – and we don’t use this phrase lightly – properly, hopelessly sensual. Indeed we believe you could be wooed by our luxurious crumpets served in twos with real butter and strawberry jam on the side.

Luxury Cream Tea £5.99

Make teatime something really special – treat yourself to an English classic at Moona. But is it scone then jam then cream in Cornish tradition, or in Devon manner with scone then cream and jam on top? It is the age old question, Cornish or Devon which is the best? We will leave that to you! Here at Moona you will only find Rodda’s authentic Cornish clotted cream served with your cream tea.  For the more adventurous it will be relief to know we have a choice of 14 different teas on offer so why wait?

Toasted Teacake £2.50

Quintessentially British, a firm favourite classic simply delicious…

Can be had with strawberry jam for an extra 50p – so whats the wait?




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