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Restaurant with Wi-Fi in Doncaster

How important is it to offer Wi-Fi in restaurants?

When you go out for a meal, how important do you think it is that the restaurant of your choice offers free Wi-Fi for guests? Whilst many of us don’t want to be checking emails, responding to messages and being on the internet in between courses, it’s a fact of modern society that today’s tech savvy consumers seem to take their tablets and smartphones everywhere with them and want to be able to get online no matter where they are – including in a restaurant.

Moona Coffee, a top quality restaurant, Doncaster residents and visitors regularly flock to, explores how important it is for restaurants to offer Wi-Fi to consumers.

According to a study by Netgear, titled ‘Winning with Wireless in the Hospitality Market’, 70 percent of travellers who were surveyed for the study about attitudes to public Wi-Fi, said they connect to Wi-Fi when they are at hotels. 59 percent of the survey’s participants said they connected to the Wi-Fi when they were in restaurants.

Moona Coffee, a restaurant Doncaster residents keep returning to for quality food, drinks and service, recognises the importance of providing free Wi-Fi to its customers. Moona Coffee enables customers to get online and enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi whilst relaxing over a delicious cup of coffee, tea or any of the drinks and high quality food Moona Coffee serves.

If they bring their own devices, customers at Moona Coffee can get online in three simple steps. They simply have to turn on their mobile device, search for the wireless connection named ‘Moona Coffee’, enter the password for the Moona Coffee connection, which is clearly displayed on the counter. They’ll then be connected to the Wi-Fi of this top-notch restaurant, Doncaster customers continue to enjoy.

Visit Moona Coffee to find out more about this restaurant Doncaster is proud of and the food, drink and features it offers, including free Wi-Fi for all of its clients.

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