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Life is like a cup of tea, it is all about how you make it!

90% of teas drunk in UK are black blends made with the lowest grade leaves, yet there are single estate black, green and white teas which are on the rise. Moona Coffee teas use whole leaf tea grades only.

Traditional technique of steeping tea creates more surface area for water to access the leaves allowing full extraction without compromising the natural flavours.

English Breakfast £2.30

This world class English Breakfast blend is far from ordinary.

Blended with three different Assam leaf, it delivers a well rounded full bodied breakfast tea. Only the finest tea estates are used to select this blend which is truly exceptional.

Sapphire Earl Grey £2.50

This rich, delicate yet full bodied Earl Grey is given an innovative twist to the traditional recipe with bergamot and blue malva flowers.

This Earl Grey can be enjoyed at any time of the day

Organic Darjeeling £2.50

India’s finest tea, grown on the slopes of the Himalayas, it is often referred to as the champagne of Teas.

The exceptional character and exquisite bouquet of rare Darjeeling teas will delight any palate.

Gunpowder Green £2.50

This famous tea is one of the most renowned green teas in the world.

It offers a smooth, subtle flavour with a slight sweet finish, the mark of exceptional quality.

Organic Jasmine £2.50

A floral, aromatic Chinese green tea delicately scented with jasmine petals.

The distinctive, smooth brew has been enjoyed for centuries and remains a favourite.

Egyptian Mint £2.50

This Egyptian Mint leaf dating back to the pharaohs is a hearty caffeine free peppermint.

It’s refreshing, cooling and flavourful notes are well rounded with no bitter aftertaste. Perfect for cleansing the palate and energising the body after a meal.

Citrus Chamomile £2.50

Since early Greco-Roman period, the calming and soothing qualities of chamomile have been well known.

This caffeine-free blend of chamomile is enhanced with delightful flavour of lemongrass. The result is a mellow citrus delight.

White Pear and Ginger £2.50

Treat yourself to our White Pear and Ginger tea.

A delicious silver needle white tea blend combined with juicy pear and a hint of ginger zing on the finish, for a delicate and delightful infusion.

Gentle white tea background is the perfect partner for the pear notes with a gentle kick of ginger at the back of the palate. This wonderful blend is a fantastic afternoon option.

Decaffeinated Ceylon £2.50

Novus Kenilworth Ceylon comes from a tea estate located in the very exclusive and secluded highlands of Sri Lanka.

Here, lush green mountains and majestic waterfalls provide the perfect growing conditions for tea that ranks among the greatest in the world for consistency in quality and character.

Wild Encounter £2.50

One sip and you will encounter the sweet and tart sensation of fruit and berries.

This caffeine free herbal blend will send your taste buds reeling.

Pai Mu Tan £2.50

Picked in the early morning mist, this white tea is truly one of China’s rarest and most famous teas.

Tea lovers will appreciate it’s delicate flavour.

Strawberries & Cream £2.50

Our unique signature blend is simply divine. A blend of black leaf teas, which is light in flavour with subtle strawberry and cream notes. Best enjoyed black without milk, at any time of the day.

Brew strength, good presentation and freshness are key characteristics that tea drinkers look for in a cup of tea. At Moona Coffee we list teas as wine on a menu to help you understand your choice of tea.

Black Teas (brewed for 3-5 minutes)

English Breakfast: slightly nutty, yet creamy character. Full-bodied, perfect for mornings. Tastes great with an English Breakfast.

Assam: strong, malty & robust, refreshes the senses in the middle of the morning. Great with sugar, as served in India, and with a biscuit.

Darjeeling: Best without any milk. A Muscatel, fragrant yet crisp and fresh character, this is a thoughtful afternoon tea. The ideal food partner would be a soft creamy cheese.

Ceylon: Drink black, or with a little milk or lemon. An aromatic tea with slight citrus tones and a dry finish that would go perfectly with butter and marmalade on toast.

Earl Grey: A fragrant tea best drunk black or with just a little lemon or milk. Bergamot adds a veil of perfume, creating a sophisticated tea suited to formal occasions. Tastes great either with sweet cakes or with authentic English cheeses.


Green Teas (brewed for 1-2 minutes)

Pure Green Tea: a crisp, light tasting tea with a refreshing bitter edge. Always served without milk, green tea is ideal after a meal.


White Teas (brewed for 1 minute)

Pure white tea: a smooth yet delicate white tea, less bitter than green teas, and perfect as an afternoon alternative to black tea. It is served without milk. Green and white teas become more bitter the longer the tea is left to brew. We allow 1-2 mins for the green tea and less than 1 min for the white teas. Both green and white teas contain caffeine as they come from the same plant as black teas.


Did you know: All teas are a natural source of antioxidants.

China is the largest producer of tea with a seasonal production. There are a variety of speciality Chinese teas including Oolong, Lapsang and White tea.

India is the second largest producer of tea producing Darjeeling and Assam amongst others.

Kenya has year round crops with the best teas being harvested in late Jan/early Feb and July. Its crop is less than half of that of China.

The Tea Plant (Camellia Sinensis) & Process:

Different tea varieties come from different methods of processing which normally involve, withering to reduce moisture, rolling to release flavour and oxidisation where leaves ferment to turn coppery red. Then drying where leaves are pan fired to halt the oxidisation process and turn black. Green and white teas are not oxidised which is why they are different in colour, while Oolong tea is partially oxidised. ‘Sencha’ green teas have been steamed to dry rather than pan fired.

Teas are like wine: Black tea e.g. Assam, is fully oxidised like red wine, Oolong tea is partially oxidised, like rose wine and green tea and white tea are unoxidised like white wine.




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