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Hand Roasted Coffee

What makes hand roasted coffee so special?

The process of hand roasting coffee can look fairly easy at first glance, however, perfecting it is an acquired skill that takes years of practice and acute sensory perception.

Making hand roasted coffee doesn’t require the latest technology or the most advanced machinery. Instead it’s made in hand-cranked roasters and relies on the attention to detail of the individual roaster. Hand roasted coffee is made in small batches to allow for the personal touch required to provide the very finest coffees.

Coffee to light up the senses

Coffee beans have different densities and are grown at differing altitudes. This is where the expertise of the roaster comes into effect to achieve the optimum roast appropriate to the make-up of the bean. Leading hand coffee roasters, tune in their senses of smell, sight and sound to determine when the various hand roasted coffee stages are completed.

Three stages to coffee perfection

The first stage in the hand roasted coffee process is ‘Drying’. Heat is built up within the bean in coffee burners. This heat is later released to achieve the initial ‘crack’ of the bean.

The second stage to achieve perfect hand roasted coffee is to reduce the heat input. This is done after the first colour change in the bean has been reached. This allows the coffee beans to start developing into sugars.

At stage three, the heat is lowered even further. The appearance of the bean has changed during its time roasting. The increased pressure from water vapour in the bean’s cellular structure means they expand in size and crack open.

Doncaster’s finest hand roasted coffee

Moona Coffee, based in Doncaster, serve their customers the very finest hand roasted coffee. They also supply their much sought after coffee to businesses in cities as widespread as Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and London.

Moona Coffee’s independent team of expert roasters select only the highest quality coffee beans for their blend. Moona Coffee have their own highly regarded hand roasted coffee brand called Café de Safee – a hand roasted blend of premium single origin Arabica coffees.

Visit Moona Coffee in Doncaster and savour the very best hand roasted coffee. Their specialist and friendly team look forward to providing you with the ultimate coffee-drinking experience.

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