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The journey from the coffee plant to the cup is quite an adventure.

From thousands of small plantations in exotic places around the world, come a wide variety of beans, each offering their own unique profiles and characteristics. The finest beans are graded and selected by our roasters.

Our independent skilful roasters then determine which style of roast best matches the profile of the varietal to bring out the best qualities of the beans – be it our espresso blend offering or any of our single origin speciality coffees.

With the freshest roasted beans possible, the proper grind is essential preparation for the final step, the brew. We are proud in that our decaffeinated offering is also freshly ground to order and brewed with the same dedication as its caffeinated sibling. Finally to bring it all together, our selected brewing method complements the beans, the roast and the grind to produce the ultimate Moona Coffee experience.

When we talk about coffee, we’re referring to the full range of elements, conditions, and techniques that add up to a superior coffee experience. This most certainly includes your surroundings and ambience. At Moona Coffee we make your comfort and experience our utmost priority.


Cafe de Safee is our quintessential artisan hand roasted blend of choice premium single origin Arabica coffees. This complex and sophisticated blend is Moona’s personal sign off to the coffee drinking world.

Full bodied, distinctly well rounded yet exceptionally smooth to a fault with subtle sweet and nutty notes of hazelnut, caramel toffee and dark chocolate.

All of our espresso beverages can be either caffeinated or decaffeinated.


Espresso and hot water. This is a diluted version of espresso coffee, made popular in the US.

Regular  £ 2.35
Large     £ 2.55

Milky Coffee

Espresso and steamed milk – extra hot and traditional.

Regular £ 2.35
Large    £ 2.55

Flat White

Espresso with textured milk – a firm favourite with coffee lovers.

Regular £ 2.45
Large    £ 2.65


This drink is ordered by the number of shots rather than the drink size.

Single £ 2.15

Double £ 2.25

Triple £ 2.45

Espresso Con Panna

Espresso with whipped cream. “con panna” means “with cream” in Italian. The “whipped” style of using “whipped cream” seems to meet with definite customer approval in UK.

Single £ 2.15

Double £ 2.25

Triple £ 2.45

Espresso Macchiato

Espresso with a small spoon of foamed milk on the top. Macchiato means “marked” in Italian, and the properly prepared drink has just a touch of foam.

Single £ 2.15

Double £ 2.25

Triple £ 2.45


One of the most popular espresso drinks done in three layers. 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 foamed milk on the top. Garnished with cocoa.

Regular £ 2.45
Large    £ 2.65


Espresso and steamed milk. This is the base for several other coffee beverages when you add different syrups and vary the milk, including mocha and white mocha.

Regular £ 2.45
Large    £ 2.65


Espresso and steamed milk with some chocolate syrup added, served with a dressing of whipped cream on the top.

Price: £3.25

Flavoured mochas are also available. Please ask at the counter.

Do yourself a flavoured latte…

Vanilla… Coffee… Strawberry… Chocolate Mint… Caramel… Chai… Roasted Hazelnut… Butterscotch… Eggnog… Gingerbread… Cranberry… Cherry… Pineapple… Toffee Apple… English Toffee… Fudge… Irish Cream… Amaretto… Almond… Banana… Pear

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