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Not all sandwiches are created equal!

Every meal is made to order with attention to detail, bringing you the taste of homemade—without any of the work.

We use fresh locally sourced ingredients and produce recipes that are perfectly balanced to bring out the flavours of your favourite fillings. At Moona, no ingredient—or detail—is too small, the finest ingredients faithfully prepared.

Restaurant diners ordering from this section will have a £1.00 service charge added to their bill

American Pancake Delight


Strawberry Oh la la…

Chocolate Lovi’n drizzle

Caramel Bon Bon

Honey Mania

White Chocolate Galore

Moona’s five fluffy golden pancakes are the invariably-undisputed favourite of all pancake lovers everywhere

Hot Toasted Paninis


  • Tuna and Cheese melt
  • Double Cheese & Tomato Margherita
  • Chicken Tikka Melt
  • Chicken Bacon & Cheese
  • Texan BBQ Pork Rib
  • Cheesy Beans

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich


Our tender pulled pork shoulder, coated with smokey southern style spice rub and moistened with chicken broth, is slow cooked for ten hours. Final result: the juiciest pork imaginable is ready to be shredded and served in a sandwich with our very own ‘Cue’ sauce. Served with our homemade finely chopped coleslaw and fresh garden salad.

All day breakfast baps


Available all day!

  • Grilled Back Bacon
  • Griddled Pork Sausage
  • Griddled Pork Sausage & Tomatoes
  • Grilled Back Bacon & Tomatoes
  • Grilled Back Bacon & Egg
  • Griddled Pork Sausage & Egg
  • Double Poached Eggs

Gourmet Soup of the day


Available from October to March

Only real wholesome soups that qualify as a  complete meal make it on our ‘Gourmet Soup of the Day’ on our Doncaster Restaurant menu.

You will be familiar with the names of these soups but that is where the familiarity ends, taste and texture of our wholesome homemade soups will be a real surprise no matter how seasoned a soup connoisseur you are!

Ideal if watching calories or simply eating healthy. Served with croutons,  freshly baked baker’s basket bread roll and butter.




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