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Coffee Shop in Doncaster

Coffee shops thrive in the nation of tea drinkers

Britain is traditionally renowned for being a nation of tea-lovers, so how did coffee shops become a focal point of today’s British society?

Coffee shops were coffee houses

The first coffee house in Britain is reported to have opened in Oxford around 1650 and by the mid 1700’s, there were believed to be between 500 to 3000 coffee houses based in London alone.

The coffee drinks from that era weren’t believed to be very pleasant. People drank it more for the alertness affect it gave them rather than for taste.

Some of Britain’s great institutions have strong links to the coffee houses of those times. The beginnings of the London Stock Exchange, Lloyds of London and highbrow auction houses such as Christies and Sotherby’s history are heavily linked with historic coffee houses.

The late 18th century saw the rise in popularity of tea in Britain. Tea-rooms replaced coffee houses for social gatherings. The late 20th century saw the resurgence of coffee houses that re-emerged in the guise of the fashionable coffee shops we see on our high-streets today.

Today’s smooth and rich tasting Cappuccinos, Mochas and Lattes are certainly a world away from the ghastly tasting coffees served at the coffee houses of the 18th century.

Great tasting Tea and Coffee at Moona Coffee Shop, Doncaster

Visitors to the Moona Coffee shop – Doncaster’ premier coffee shop – can be assured of receiving only the finest coffee blends and brewed teas from around the world. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will help pick the best blend for your taste.

Kick-start your day at Moona Coffee Shop, Doncaster

Moona Coffee shop – Doncaster, are not just renowned for their great tasting tea and coffee. Moona Coffee shop, Doncaster are also famous for their great tasting food and all-day dessert menu which is much vaunted by its customers for giving them that much needed energy boost to see them through the day.

If you’re in Doncaster and wondering where to find a friendly atmosphere and cosy coffee shop, Doncaster based and family-run Moona Coffee offer the finest tasting teas and coffees from around the world and first-class customer service. Call in and see us today.

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