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What’s the secret to a successful café?

It’s no secret that the majority of café start-ups fail. Given that most cafés fail before they’ve really had chance to get going, we ask, what makes a café succeed? Moona Coffee, a successful café Doncaster residents and visitors enjoy relaxing in with a delicious cup of coffee and a scrumptious slice of cake, explores what’s the secret to a successful café?

Quality coffee

It might sound obvious but if a café fails to serve quality coffee, its reputation won’t be a good one. Coffee connoisseurs inevitably find their way into a café and if they don’t experience quality coffee made from premium coffee beans, then don’t expect the reviews of the café to be too flattering.

A comfortable, atmospheric environment

One of the principle reasons diners don’t stay in fast food restaurants for long is due to the uncomfortable furniture many food chain restaurants provide. A successful café recognises the importance of encouraging their customers to stay for that extra top up of coffee.

Successful cafes pride themselves in boasting an inviting interior that’s stylish, welcoming and comfortable. For example, in the Moona Coffee café, Doncaster customers can relax and unwind with the tasty beverage and snack of their choice in the most hospitable, comfortable and atmospheric of surroundings.


The digital era has seen the rise of a coffee shop working culture, which sees freelancers, business owners, employers and students, parch themselves comfortably in a corner of a coffee shop with their laptop, and work and drink coffee to their heart’s content.

This phenomenal demand for coffee shop connectivity means if a café fails to offer free Wi-Fi to its customers, it will inevitably miss out.

One coffee shop that recognises the importance of allowing customers to enjoy free Wi-Fi over their drinks and food, is the Moona Coffee café. Doncaster customers can relax in the stylish confines of Moona Café and enjoy high speed Wi-Fi access.

If you’re looking to visit a quality café which serves top-quality coffee and a whole range of delicious food and drinks, visit Moona Coffee, a café Doncaster is proud of.

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