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Breakfast of Champions

With so many delicious offerings you’ll be hard pressed to decide between our breakfast items. Our fresh All Day Breakfast Baps filled with award winning pork sausages, premium cut lean back bacon,  fresh-cracked eggs poached to order with choice of baked beans or tomatoes – create your own combo!

There’s always the option of fluffy stack of American pancakes…

Big Breakfast at Moona


Our offering is a healthier and tastier alternative to traditional greasy fryup. We don’t pan fry rather we grill our meats, poach eggs, oven cook and toast.

One half of our big breakfast gourmet platter consists of grilled thick cut prime back bacon, grilled fresh tomatoes, lightly sautéed mushrooms and poached egg layered over a bed of single sided toasted bun. Award winning griddled pork sausages, rich black pudding and a second poached egg adorn on a second single sided toasted bun in layers. Served with a side of Heinz baked beans and a pot of our own Dee English breakfast tea

Restaurant diners ordering breakfast baps will have a £1.00 service charge added to their bill

All day breakfast baps


Available all day!

  • Grilled Back Bacon
  • Griddled Pork Sausage
  • Griddled Pork Sausage & Tomatoes
  • Grilled Back Bacon & Tomatoes
  • Grilled Back Bacon & Egg
  • Griddled Pork Sausage & Egg
  • Double Poached Eggs

Restaurant diners ordering breakfast baps will have a £1.00 service charge added to their bill

American Pancake Delight


Strawberry Oh la la…

Chocolate Lovi’n drizzle

Caramel Bon Bon

Honey Mania

White Chocolate Galore

This is the Ultimate gift of Breakfast or All Day Dessert for that matter, stacked with authentic American tastiness Moona’s five fluffy golden pancakes are the invariably-undisputed favourite of all pancake lovers everywhere. Have it your way with options of having them drizzled in your choice of our exclusive real strawberry fruit sauce, or perhaps chocolate, maybe just caramel or even simply honey – all topped with fresh whipped cream.

Restaurant diners ordering pancakes will have a £1.00 service charge added to their bill




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