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SAFEE – Our Signature Medium Roast Coffee Blend

Even before we delve into the nitty-gritty of this coffee blend that has been turning heads among coffee aficionados and enthusiasts alike in the UK, let’s talk a little about the medium roast coffee. As you might already infer from its moniker, medium roast coffee is a subtle middle-ground between the soft, light-bodied roast and the strong, full-bodied dark roast.

That said, SAFEE – the best-in-class medium roast coffee blend by Moona Coffee UK – is simply out of this world. What to love about SAFEE? Right from the outset, you’ve to know that the word “safee” means “pure” which implies the pure joy, exuberance and burst of flavours you’ll get from this coffee blend.

Smooth, Sophisticated Flavour Like Never Before

Every sip of coffee made with Moona Coffee signature medium roast oozes off that relaxed richness and smooth flavour you long for in your morning cup. Well, the allure of Cafe de Safee lies in the complexity of the underlying blend of more than five single origin coffee beans. With bright acidity and lively fruity tones of Central and South American varietals and the woodsy, spicy notes of other Arabica beans, this premium coffee blend is certainly worth every penny. And, as if that isn’t fabulous enough, this artisan coffee blend churns out a cup that’s not only sweet, sophisticated and smooth, it also delivers a robust flavour with a hint of cedar that simply explodes in your mouth.

Make it Your Way, Any Time

Although cafe de safee coffee blend is excellent for filter, cafetiere and espresso, your choice of brewing is unlimited. Whether you want to kick early morning traffic, settle for a quick nightcap or want to make an afternoon pick-me-up, this refined medium hand roasted coffee blend is just perfect.

Artisan Coffee Blend at Its Best

No matter how you look at it, cafe de safee is a work of total ingenuity and mastery by Moona’s in-house artisan coffee roasters and blenders. Leveraging longstanding experience and industry’s unique hand-roasting techniques, coffee experts at Moona UK delivers nothing but top-notch blends. As a quintessential artisan hand roasted coffee blend. Cafe de safee is full-bodied, distinctly well rounded yet smooth to a fault with subtle nutty and sweet notes of caramel toffee, hazelnut and dark chocolate. Isn’t that a slice of heaven for coffee lovers?

Premium Coffee That’s Affordable

Sure, cafe de safee incorporates some of the most refined beans sourced from notable places around the world. Sure, it’s hand-roasted, blended, and packaged with utmost precision and artistry. But, this designer coffee blend is unexpectedly affordable.

Roastmaster’s Notes:

  • Smooth, medium roast
  • Balanced sweet, spicy with nutty notes
  • Rich, sweet, syrupy finish
  • Bittersweet cocoa and cedar finish


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