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Cafe de Safee

Our quintessential artisan hand roasted blend of choice premium single origin Arabica coffees, our personal tribute to the coffee drinking world.

Breakfast plus All Day Dessert!

Our fluffy golden pancakes are the undisputed favourite of all pancake lovers everywhere. Available with Strawberry, Chocolate, Caramel or Honey…

Count on a slice of Heaven!

Our portfolio of captivating sweet goods ranges from decadent to divine, and we use only the finest ingredients to ensure every bite is an extraordinary experience. From classic cheesecake masterpieces and iced cookies to dreamy ice cream delights and specialty desserts, these elegant offerings lend new meaning to the phrase “leave room for dessert.”

Hot Chocolate

made for days like these!

Our Mission…

We aim to welcome you at our Doncaster-based family owned and run independent speciality Coffee Shop, Cafe and Tea House. In our drive and passion for excellence we intend to express individuality. We remain committed in attention to detail and ensure that you get the very best.

Above all, we are dedicated to creating a dynamic and gratifying environment so compelling, our patrons and co-workers will want to participate in achieving mutual success. By continuing to conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and by anticipating the best interest of these valued people, Moona Coffee seeks success.

Rest assured, expert trained baristas give care, attention to detail and passion to every cup poured at Moona Coffee.  We are always at hand to advise and make your visit a great experience.







Our Coffee Experience

For millions of people around the world, the enjoyment of a great cup of coffee is one of life’s true pleasures. For many, it’s a ritual to savour each and every day.

A satisfying brew of great coffee stimulates the senses in so many ways. The tantalising aroma of fresh coffee beans never fails to raise the spirits – it’s a sensation one never grows tired of. The rich flavour of our unique roast excites the palette and warms the soul. Our skilfully extracted cup of espresso is most certainly a shot of heavenly splendour.

If this sounds like passion, you are right! At Moona, the premier Cafe and Coffee Shop in Doncaster, we celebrate this passion for great coffee. Most of all, we enjoy the opportunity to share our passion with you.







Our Desserts

Desserts open doors, hearts, and conversations.  Indulgence is on everyone’s wish list so indulge in our artful sweet offerings, as our canvas happens to be gourmet desserts born from passions, innovation and creativity of Sweet Street desserts.

We at Moona Coffee  Restaurant choose to be the leader in the coffee house gourmet desserts, setting the standard by which all others are judged.

Being a leader in “sweet indulgence” is Moona Coffee’s dessert philosophy. To maintain our direction, we choose to be missionaries of the dessert experience expanding its pleasures to all parts of the day and all parts of our community.







Our Food


Think all sandwiches are equal? Well think again! Toasting is a wake-up call for flavour! We’ve been sandwich-toasting devotees since the first day we opened our doors. Everything gets toasted at Moona Coffee. Well, if it doesn’t come from Moona it’s going to leave you cold! Our sandwiches are made in house with fresh ingredients.

Traditional Fayre

You can’t fake quality. We only use butcher-quality meats, all-natural cheeses, chef-designed signature sauces and toasted artisan bread. We handcraft every meal in our Doncaster Restaurant , just for you.

In the end you are the only real expert when it comes to your taste. But whether you choose Hot and Tasty All Day Breakfast Rolls, Paninis, Baguettes, Ciabattas or salads, rest assured you are opting for the best of what we have been able to create for your palate. Here at Moona Coffee we dare to be different with uncompromising quality and a truly delicious collection of meals.


Moona Coffee

Our Location

Moona Coffee
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